About Josh Bolinger

Here’s a little bit about Josh Bolinger me:

I think of myself as a family man, I have a wife and daughter, and a very large and close extended family. My wonderful wife and I met while I was on a business trip to England, and it was literally love at first sight for both of us. I lived for some time with my wife in her native country of Brazil, where our daughter was born, which has made for a very interesting series of interactions with the massive bureaucracy that is our federal government these last 10 years.

Carolina and I Josh Bolinger love to travel, we truly enjoy meeting people from different places and different perspectives, and we are advocates and supporters of travel for students and other folks – even on a budget, because we believe travel changes people for the better, and it doesn’t have to be expensive. Both Carol and I Josh Bolinger grew up with parents that had to work and fight very hard to keep things moving, so, we tend to be very conscious of the lives of people in difficult situations.

Travel is just a part of my interest in the world around me, though. I am deeply interested in the change that technology and design bring to the world around us, and how technology can make the world a better place.

As an inventor myself, my mind is always attacking problems, always looking for solutions, always popping ideas for new techniques and new processes. If I see a problem, I am compelled to try to solve it, even if it’s in an area where I don’t have expertise, so, I am constantly reading and learning about new subjects, and working in new fields. This is why in the last ten years, I’ve developed expertise in manufacturing, medical technology and devices, internet development of websites and mobile apps, investing, marketing, and startup venture capital.

Some of the best experiences I’ve had in my life have been moving through of these various fields, learning how they function and how they interact with each other. I absolutely love hearing new ideas and sharing people’s passion to bring them to life, and I am always fascinated to hear people’s stories, their successes, where they come from, where they’re going and what they care about.

I respect people with goals. I’ve had to earn my way in the school of hard knocks, had to climb out of some pretty deep holes, and I didn’t have the benefit of someone else being there to give me handouts, so, I know how difficult it really is to make your way in this world and I try to lead a life of substance.

The path to enlightenment

I Josh Bolinger spent the better part of a decade in design, engineering and digital agencies before cashing in my chips and moving all of my focus towards startups and nonprofits.

I found that I could apply the rigor that I learned from these big corporations and instill some of that structure into this famously flailing sector.

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For the last few years I truly found my passion in startups and nonprofits and have worked with hundreds of those companies in everything from tech to clothing, film and renewables, even all the way down to trash (literally). I love to learn and see things from different perspectives and theres no better way than working with people who are driving a movement.

Around the world

In 2015 I came to the sad realization that the time I spent working was astronomically higher than the time I spent with my girls and doing the things I enjoyed. I was completely consumed by work in the most unhealthy way and as I started to see the things I was missing and would miss, I knew had to make a drastic change.

So we dropped everything, sold it all, and left to travel the world – to recalibrate how we spend our time.

We’ve spent the last 2 years chronicling that adventure in photosImages of Josh Bolinger:

Josh Bolinger Bollinger Jurassic party in austin texas
Josh bolinger at an event in austin texas
Josh Bolinger and family in Cedar Park
Josh Bolinger on the lake in austin texas
Josh Bolinger hiking
Josh Bolingers wife Carol Bolinger with the RV in texas
Josh Bolinger in the mountains
Josh Bolinger at a rodeo in texas
Josh Bolinger carving
Josh Bolingers family in cedar park
Josh Bolinger at a party in Austin texas
Josh bolinger downtown austin texas
Josh Bolingers daughter Suria in Austin texas
Josh Bolinger Bollinger in galveston texas
Josh Bolinger and the Bollinger family
Josh Bolinger Bollinger Jurassic Park party in austin texas
josh bolinger hanging in cedar park texas
Josh Bolinger and his daughter Suria ont he beach in Costa Rica
Josh Bolinger fishing in Oregon
Josh Bolingers wife Carol Bolinger as Wonder Woman
Josh Bolinger clibming a bridge in texas
Josh bolinger and Carol Bolinger married in Brazil
Josh Bolinger and family getting married
Josh Bolingers girls in New Orleans
Josh Bolinger ClearCorrect dental


These days we are back in Texas and have a new-found appreciation for family and community. The extensive travel we did, crazy situations we found ourselves in and cultures that enchanted us brought the three of us so much tighter as a unit, and has us continuously reflecting on how we spend the hours each day.