SXSW 2017 | Josh Bolinger
By Josh BolingerApril 8, 2017

Josh Bolinger onSXSW 2017

We’re back again at SXSW, this time for the main event next month, providing mentoring and coaching on behalf of SXSW for startups and nonprofits.

During SXSW Eco all of our mentoring slots were booked up 2 weeks before the event even started so get in there and RSVP early! We’ve got double the mentoring time this round so we are expecting a large turnout and cant wait to see you

See the details on my event here:

UPDATE March 21st:

WOW, this was incredibly huge. During the 4 day conference, we worked with almost 100 startups and my head is still spinning. We saw some amazing ideas and prototypes and met so many inspiring founders that are seriously poised to change the world.

Big thanks to SXSW for inviting us back