A Smarter Way to Invest | Josh Bolinger
In Economics by Josh Bolinger | July 7, 2012

Josh Bolinger onA Smarter Way to Invest

How do you make your money work for you in a way that makes the world better?

Certainly the best-known investment destination in America is the stock market. But the stock market is heartless, meaningless, and ultimately without substance. Plus, every few years, it makes everyone’s money magically vanish. Poof!

Investing in startups is far more rewarding, I think. For my own part, I think it is a far better use of investment capital to be on the leading edge of technology, developing ground-breaking technologies and changing people’s lives.

It can also be highly profitable. For example take a look at Tumblr, started by a teenager and sold for $1 billon dollars. Or WhatsApp, started by a guy who couldn’t get a job at FaceBook or Twitter, sold for $19 billion. These are outliers, but companies are hungry for fresh new ideas and thousands of small startups are getting bought up every day.

I think finding the best and brightest, funding their ideas, and making real change in the world is where the smart money is going to be in the next decades. It’s definitely where my money is going to be.

5 thoughts on “A Smarter Way to Invest”

  1. joeseph says:

    Watching the crowd sourcing platforms is a good place to find future investment opportunities. I have seen a couple of the companies on the verge of making it big and there are many more to come.

  2. val yenko says:

    It looks like investments are turning away from the technological level and turning towards more socio-economic projects. The way social media has eaten up a chunk of the stock market is a good example of that already.

  3. Andi Gower says:

    Josh where would one look to begin investing in startups like these?

  4. hotpotatoe says:

    That’s pretty high-risk stuff, man, but it can be real rewarding. And you can’t really trust the stock market anymore anyway – it just wiped out an entire generation’s retirements.

  5. sarah evanston says:

    What’s App is one of those big success stories that we all dream about. I can’t believe it was valued so high!

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